Hi there, I'm Soöna! Since I was little, I've been in love with drawing. When I obtained my degree in graphic design, I decided to travel the world and work remotely.
Traveling in Asia has opened a lot of doors for me. Since I began to walk on a spiritual path, my vision of possibilities has wholly expanded and my work has taken on an entirely new vision.
I want my creations to help others on a spiritual level. I endeavour to help light workers in all areas to thrive in their projects. Personal missions that have an altruistic motive to serve and uplift others are prioritised in my work flow.
When working with my clients, I make it a point to really listen openly to what you want. Developing a rapport can bring up a lot of inspiration to create a unique design that matches your style, values and mission. I want my creations to trigger an emotional response with my clients so they "feel" that is right for them. 
Let's work together and make something wonderful!
From my heart to yours

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